Want help creating flexible food options?

As a nutritionist and educator who works with clients who are trying to eat for both health and enjoyment, I took all of the common challenges and myths I’ve heard about nutrition and responded to them in one resource. 

This goes beyond what I share in newsletters and on Instagram to teach you how to be a powerful consumer and the compass of your own health. I help you learn the tools to easily adopt healthy and balanced eating by using customized formulas for flexibility and individuality. And to stay true to Eats 2 Know values it has a “you do you” feel to it, which is authenticity at its core – an individual approach to creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

What is it?

This is a resource that brings my 1:1 nutrition work and nutrition programs for firefighters into one spot (for a fraction of the cost). It’s not a cookbook or a strict regimented diet, and it’s not a meal plan; it is a resource (consisting of guidebook and recipes) that gives power to the consumer with a no stress or fuss approach.  Flexible formulas are included throughout the recipe section so that you can create real food on your own terms, budget, and time. 

Plus, it’s been updated to include some nutrition education found in Wellness Workshops focused on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle for general healing and optimal health. 

The goal:

Make eating healthier less complicated and personally tailored to you and only you. By the end of it, you’ll trust yourself to be the compass of your own health and decisions, become a budget savvy shopper without effort, and create satisfying and healthy meals with ease. 

Who needs it?

If you’re interested in saving money on groceries, being informed about the food you eat, and making amazing food in little time, then you need Flexible Food

Do you have any questions for me?

Leave them here! I can’t wait to hear from you.