Chocolate is my jam, especially dark chocolate. You can find me eating a bite, half of a bar, chips, etc., of good quality chocolate on the regular. 

But as someone who avoids soy (dietary restriction) at all costs, I soon found out that the ingredient soy lecithin is in most chocolates (and most packaged and processed foods). Used as an emulsifier, soy lecithin is an extra — it’s a food additive that helps chocolate have its smooth form and stick together well for a better consistency. 

I’m rounding up my top 3 favorite soy-free chocolate brands that I turn to. I hope this helps for anyone who is interested in finding alternatives that don’t contain soy lecithin. Usually this means the product will be minimally processed and/or have decreased additives or ingredients.

My top 3 soy-free chocolate brands are:

  1. Hu Chocolate: Their bars and gems are amazing. Both dark and (grass fed) milk chocolate have some amazing flavors. For milk chocolate, I’m currently enjoying the coconut bar or almond butter bar; for dark chocolate you can’t go wrong with the simple one, almond one, salty, or crunchy mint option. This one is a favorite because it just tastes like great quality chocolate that is low on unrefined sugar. This was the first chocolate that made me look at chocolate differently — as food and ingredients instead of as a negative or “bad” option. It helped redefine my relationships with sweets and nutrition.  I grab them on sale often. If you’re a Cart Series regular you know. 
  1. Unreal Snacks: A new take on copying your typical candy bar with less sugar and ingredients. The coconut bar is my favorite because it reminds me of Mounds Bars.
  1. Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips: These are safe from the top seven allergens. I love them dearly, not a fan of the price, so you’ll see them in Cart Series when they go on sale. Runner up are Guittard baking chips (these use sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin). 

Have you tried any of these options? What’s your favorite? Let me know if any are missing from the list, so they can be added!