“Dana visited our department and made a presentation over the course of three weeks to our entire department. The information she provided was very in-depth, informative, and engaging. The presentation she provided was full of information that most of us encountered for the first time. Not just about good nutrition versus bad nutrition but the science behind it, and finishing with healthy and sustainable changes. We definitely plan on using her as a resource in the future. Aside from the valuable information she provided, she seemed to fit pretty seamlessly into the firefighter’s environment. Dana is young, ambitious, and incredibly intelligent. You will get more from her than you will ever expect.”

—Firefighter and Certified Personal Trainer


“It was one of the more informative training programs we have, and geared to making us more healthy in being a firefighter and beyond our careers here.”

“This gets you thinking about something that a lot of us don’t stop to think about everyday. We sometimes take better care of our cars than ourselves.”

“The information was eye-opening. There was no down side.”

“The instructor was engaging and displayed a thorough knowledge of topic.”

“Dana has a good way of getting the information across in a non-confrontational way.”

“This presentation was very well-rounded and informative. It gave a real world example of what some of our dietary choices’ consequences will mean. Continue with the good work and informing Fire Departments of their nutritional needs.”

“Very good attitude. Deals with questions and distractions of the Department very well.”

“Dana is excellent, personable, and a tremendous resource. We are lucky to have her.”


“Dana recently provided me with personalized nutritional advice. I had considered myself knowledgeable, but she taught me how to go much deeper. Making better food choices to balance my meals and reading labels more thoroughly were goals we set. Dana’s quest is to assure maximum health and educate her clients. She delivers her message in the most respectful, encouraging way. She goes beyond just presenting lists of foods by also providing data, examples, and delicious recipes. Dana’s passion for making the world a healthier place is contagious.”

“As a 53-year old diabetic and yoga instructor, I’ve tried various quick fix, fad, and long-term restrictive diets, and yo-yoed ten pounds. Simply put, my weight has been a life-long struggle. Before working with Dana, I never looked at food for nourishment—instead I had more of an emotional attachment to food, which in turn created a sense of frustration. After reviewing my comprehensive lab work, Dana put together a nutrition plan that addressed my health concerns as a diabetic and was approved by my physician. We set realistic food and lifestyle goals and adjusted them accordingly. Dana is highly encouraging and non-judgmental. Portion control, mindfulness, and acceptance are concepts reinforced by Dana that have influenced my success. Now, I look at food as fuel for my body, not as being good or bad. No foods are off limits, but it comes down to understanding the effects of my dietary choices. With Dana’s continuing guidance and support, I’m learning that small sustainable modifications add up over time.”