Looking for some snack ideas for when the snack attack comes on? Whether it’s during the day or late at night, fueling up on healthy and filling snacks that bring a nutrient punch can help with energy, performance, and weight maintenance.


Snacking times may also influence the type of snack you turn to. For instance, if you’re on a firehouse shift you might also be eating late because of your schedule or even to stay up. If snacking late at night, try avoiding foods that are high in simple carbohydrates and refined sugars (sweets like donuts or ice cream) that will increase your blood sugar quickly, only to fall shortly after. Instead, aim for healthful options that will keep blood sugar levels stable and have you feeling full (balancing hunger hormones) and satisfied. Think fiber, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.


I’ve provided some snack ideas that pack a nutrient punch and satisfy cravings. Check out the options in the picture, which are meant to mix and match.

Snack Attack Picture FTF-2


Snack Descriptions:

–Cut up fruits and vegetables, seeded crackers to be dipped in hummus, yogurt, or guacamole

–Yogurt dip (with nut butter and/or spices)

–Yogurt or quark with fruit and/or nuts/seeds (chia and hemp seeds pictured for protein, fiber, and heart healthy fats).

–Dried fruit and nut protein bar (ex: homemade; minimally processed examples: outlaw protein, RX Bar, lara bar) OR protein bar with minimal added sugar

–Hard boiled eggs

–Avocado with lemon, spices, s/p; can put on toast and/or eat with eggs

–Toast multiple ways: toast and yogurt/fruit/nut butter; toast with nut butter and banana or berries; avocado toast

–Popcorn (can season with sweet or savory spices; add trail mix; toppings)

–Loaded sweet potato with nut butter and/or yogurt


What are your favorite go-to snacks? I would love to see and hear what you’re snacking on! Comment below or tag me on Instagram with @eats2know.