Seminars + Workshops 

Nutrition seminars are interactive presentations tailored to address nutrition needs and topics of interest. They are meant to be informative and presented in a clear and engaging manner. Worksite wellness programs aim to provide a wealth of information to raise knowledge and awareness of positive nutrition practices.

recipe development + content creation

Looking for a simple, minimal, and balanced approach to health and wellness? I’m a big fan of showcasing how nutrition and wellness practices can be attainable and individualized. Add some transparency, stress-free recipes, and real talk for good measure. Recipe development and content creation is geared towards this authentic and organic approach.

Cooking Workshops

Let’s get in the kitchen! Cooking Workshops focus on increasing exposure to quick, simple, nutritious, and tasty food options. Sessions allow for you to incorporate healthy foods into your lifestyle– it’s one thing to provide recipes, but another to make them and get more people on board to incorporate them into their diets. Budget and foods of interest are discussed beforehand.

individualized Nutrition

One-on-one work allows for a personalized approach to nutrition assessment by taking your nutrition needs and goals into consideration. I work as the nutrition expert, accountability partner, problem solver, and support to help you reach your nutrition, health, and wellness goals. While you’re coming to me for nutrition, I take a holistic approach to assess the full health and wellness equation — from diet, lifestyle, stress, sleep, etc.  We’ll create an approachable game plan that’s inclusive and realistic for you so that you can achieve your health and wellness goals. With an individualized approach to nutrition, we’ll work on defining your own version of healthy because one size doesn’t fit all. The focus will be consistency and sustainability here: finding what works for you, and continuing to do it.

pantry makeovers + supermarket tours

Are items in your pantry impeding on your nutrition goals? Learn tips on how to stock a balanced and healthful pantry. Review tricks to find hidden ingredients, such as learning how to read a nutrition label. Find out how to plan simple meal options, be budget savvy, and navigate the supermarket aisles with ease.

“I’ve always enjoyed that by example you make eating healthy an obtainable lifestyle not an obsession.”
“Thank you for promoting eating REAL food and having a positive mindset. With all of the negative advertising around food and exercise still present in the media, it’s so refreshing to see profiles like yours that promote a positive and healthy mindset when it comes to the foods we eat and why we work out”
“I’ve been so inspired by everything you’re doing on Instagram! You’ve been one of the very few who is so easy to watch / listen to and spends a lot of time curating content based on serving your following.”
“I love how real you are and you actually care to engage with your community.”