You know when you have an elaborate recipe that you need a ton of ingredients for and there are numerous steps to remember? These meal ideas are the opposite of that.  Not too many ingredients, just a few steps and you have a healthy meal ready to go. I still guide you through how to prepare it, but the process is just lots simpler. A “not recipe.” We’re making that a thing. 

This is about very little mental energy spent to make nutritious and tasty food. The first step is customizing the stress-free dinner formula below to make a healthy and balanced meal.

This formula guarantees that you’ll have a blood sugar stabilizing meal that will have you feeling satisfied and full. Just plug your favorite ingredients into the formula and you’ll have a dish that is uniquely yours, and then you can get in the kitchen and start cooking!


I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while. Based on personal experience and work experience, I just want to simplify nutrition/get back to basics. We are all pressed for time (and even if you aren’t, I feel like you’re not using most of your time cooking). Sometimes recipes can be too complicated, and I don’t want that to sway you from eating a healthy and tasty meal. I also know from working with the fire community that even when I create easy recipes they aren’t always followed.

Based on how I cook on my own (little measuring, go by taste, and feel), I wanted to share a method that can’t fail unless you go wildly overboard (ex: 10 cloves of garlic instead of 1; that’s on you …) 

So here you go!

What to expect from this resource:

  1. Ditch the overwhelm and create meals that are easy (Seriously, they’re not complicated!), only have a few steps, and use minimal equipment 
  2. Includes a “balanced meal formula” and supplies examples for inspiration 
  3. Meals shared are healthy, flavorful, and nutrient-dense
  4. Take the guessing out of creating a balanced nutritious meal 
  5. Make “not-recipes” on the fly 
  6. Add your favorite ingredients into the formula so that you can make them uniquely yours

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