Be a powerful consumer and compass of your own health and easily adopt healthy and balanced eating by using customized formulas for flexibility and individuality. You do you: an approachable way to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

All on your own terms.

The food is going to taste great, and if you’re pressed for time (Who isn’t?), I’ve got you covered. Flexible Food is a resource that summarizes tips, tricks, and answers to common problems I see in my work, making it easier for you to make eating healthier less complicated and personally tailored to you and only you.

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As a nutritionist and educator who primarily works with firefighters, I’ve been able to understand what people struggle with in regard to having a healthy and balanced diet. Over the past few years some of the common complaints you’ve been sharing revolve around the idea that eating healthy is too expensive, boring, or time consuming. Which is why I created Flexible Food for you.

Nutrition has become so complicated and it’s confusing to figure out what to eat and buy. Then you have to ask yourself if you can afford it. Once you actually buy your groceries, it can be overwhelming not only to figure out what to make for dinner, but also how to do it when time is limited. In Flexible Food, you have a game plan and tools to combat these struggles. By the end of it, you’ll trust yourself to be the compass of your own health and decisions, become a budget savvy shopper without effort, and create satisfying and healthy meals with ease.

No stress or fuss or need for lots of ingredients or fancy kitchen tools; just great food in little time!

The first half of Flexible Food is a guide – it takes you through each aisle of the supermarket with nutrition tips, helps you plan and stick to a budget when shopping, and teaches you the basics of meal prepping (i.e. one hour max a week).

The second half dives deep into some recipes. Some recipes are specific, others are “on the fly,” meaning you’ll learn a formula and you customize it to your preferences (no rigid meal plans here) while staying true to a balanced and nutritious meal.

In summary: Real Food. Real Fast. Real Budget. Made Easy.

Here’s what the flexible food team is saying…

on it’s simplicity…


“There wasn’t an overwhelming amount of information but enough to be more informed with dietary decisions. But I also liked that it was set up as information rather than instructions (instead of how to eat, it’s more ‘here’s helpful information for you to make decisions’)”

“My biggest struggle is I over-complicate everything. This has simple formulas but creates so many options all in my favorite flavor profiles.”

“l loved the idea of a book with easy to digest information and some quick recipes to change up what I usually make”

Nutrition Message…


“Very accessible. You have to be interested in food and nutrition but not educated on the ins and outs. I think this is a resource for everyone.”

“I bought this because I absolutely love how straight forward and resourceful Dana is. I just knew this would be a book of great tools and recipes without any of that diet culture.”

“It makes it so easy to know you’re getting a well-balanced meal while also underscoring the diversity of how many different combinations of meals you can make with the formula!”


Check out these transformations!

About Dana

Dana Harrison, MS, is the nutritionist and educator behind Eats 2 Know, LLC, and founder of The Cultural Shift Method — a nutrition education program for fire departments that takes nutrition, health and wellness and makes them easy, individualized, and attainable for all. Her nutrition focus has always been to keep it simple – nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can be attainable for you by you! Dana’s philosophy: eat, move, love, and learn. It’s all a balancing act. Whether you’re a firefighter, college student, or working mom, etc., her goal is to help you find that balance through health and wellness.

WHO NEEDS Flexible Food?


“Anyone who wants to eat healthier but isn’t exactly sure/is feeling overwhelmed with where to start.”

“Family and gal pals because we are all doing our best to feed our bodies in the best way while watching our pennies. It gives the reader the most insight for the buck!”

“I would recommend to moms in my mom groups that are struggling with meal planning/meal prep.”

“My peers (mid-twenties, living in the city, trying to figure out adult life). We talk about finding “balance” and “ease” in our everyday life, and what better way to incorporate balance and ease than in the foods we consume on a daily basis?”

“Ummm everyone. Everyone needs fast recipes and great resources.”

Here’s the deal — many of you have been serious about getting more help and working on a deeper level. In comes Flexible Food! This is a trusted resource that incorporates lessons taught with my in-person and 1:1 client work. It is truly made for you as a response to the help you want to get in terms of making a healthy and balanced diet easy, affordable, and doable.

You could absolutely invest in nutrition services like 1:1 nutrition consultations or attend nutrition education presentations at a rate of hundreds per hour. But I also want to provide another option that uses the same philosophy found in these higher level offers at a lower cost; all while still having extreme value. I put together Flexible Food for you as a resource that checks off these boxes.

When you purchase Flexible Food, you won’t get another boring meal plan or a restrictive diet that is unsustainable (or simply doesn’t work). What you will get is a resource that allows you to create your own version of a healthy and balanced lifestyle; one that allows for flexibility, versatility, and individuality. You’ll feel confident in shifting the culture from an unrealistic diet to a sustainable lifestyle built upon changes that add up.

sneak peak at what’s inside

PDF will be available for download on the thank you page after purchase. It will not be emailed.