The Cultural Shift Method



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Cooking with firefighters, educating them on nutrition, with The Cultural Shift Method.


Nutrition educator and dietitian, Dana Harrison, who works with fire departments dealing with firefighter nutrition.
“Over the past three years, Dana’s program has allowed us to incorporate nutrition into the core of our health and fitness programs, and we have already seen significant benefits that I know will continue to have far-reaching impacts throughout the careers and lives of our firefighters.”

– James Vuona, Shrewsbury Fire Chief

“Dana visited our department and made a presentation over the course of three weeks to our entire department. The information she provided was very in-depth, informative, and engaging. Aside from the valuable information she provided, she seemed to t pretty seamlessly into the firefighter’s environment. Dana is young, ambitious, and incredibly intelligent. You will get more from her than you will ever expect.”

– William Mosley, Worcester Fire Lieutenant and Diversity Officer, Certified Personal Trainer

“Dana’s focus has been consistently on sustainability and true cultural change, something that is difficult to achieve in the Fire Service… She has become a valuable member of our team and is recognized as so by all. Dana’s expertise and inventiveness keeps her program fresh and exciting year after year. Dana has worked with a number of Fire departments in the area and knows exactly how to reach all of our members, even the most difficult to work with… Having a Health & Wellness program is a must for all departments if reducing illness and injury is an important goal… I can think of no other nutritionist who has the knowledge, skills and ability to effectively educate firefighters and adjust fire house culture to include a healthier lifestyles than Dana Harrison.”

– Dennis Condon, Needham Fire Chief