An honest and upfront review:

What is an AirDoctor? AirDoctors are in-home air purifiers, and they are easily one of my top wellness purchases. I have 2 AirDoctor 3000s, which I purchased over the past three years. I bought my first one and fell in love with it, then grabbed the other with my own affiliate link. It is definitely a top wellness purchase in my opinion (water filter is in there too). 

I originally purchased an AirDoctor 3000 for clean air and for its ability to trap dust, mold, and virus particles (this was important for me, especially during sickness season and all things unknown during the start of the Covid 19 pandemic). I spend so much time indoors, especially now that I work from home a lot, and I wanted to set myself up for the cleanest air. Based on the trusted recommendation of other health and wellness practitioners in the field, I grabbed an AirDoctor and was honestly surprised in the best way. I didn’t have any expectations or feel like I needed it, but after doing some research on the benefits I decided to invest and make my first purchase before forming an honest opinion and/or buying more. 

The air in my home felt cleaner (not stuffy) and I noticed differences in my allergies (ex: pollen). I was alerted by my AirDoctor it detected when a toxin while I was using a product I thought was non-toxic; and it didn’t have a noticeable uptick in my electricity bill when kept on auto mode (adjusts the filtration levels instantly based on the air quality of the room), so I felt like I had nothing to lose.

Also, it’s quiet (I only notice it’s around if the light turns red and there’s a toxin that needs to be purified). Another thing that made me a believer was that people visiting my home also noticed a difference in the air quality for the better. But the big eye opener was when I went to change the filters and saw what was trapped inside… gross.

My friends, family members, and community members (ex: Instagram followers) have all had positive things to say about AirDoctor, which is why I keep recommending it highly and spending my money with this company. I have an open concept living space and I keep my AirDoctor 3000s in the kitchen and the laundry room. Based on square footage estimates, I could add one more, but for now, I’m feeling good with my air quality.

I’m not into spending just to spend, and I fully support making financial health a goal. So, if, and only if, this is something you’re interested in purchasing, please grab it using my affiliate link while it’s at the best deal that I’ve seen (over the past 3 years)! Surprisingly, their starting prices have not changed since 2020 (most companies, understandably, have increased with inflation). Please note: I highly recommend that you pick your AirDoctor models based on the square footage of your space, and if you’re prioritizing, then identify which rooms would benefit greatly from having an AirDoctor in them.  

Why Buy an AirDoctor?

This is for you if you’re interested in clean air and want to improve your air quality (ex: ridding your air of viruses, mold, pollen, chemicals, and more). We are exposed to so many toxic chemicals (daily estimates have shown over 80,000) from the air we breathe to the food we eat to the water we drink. These chemicals can impact our health greatly, especially in relationship to inflammation, which is a large cause of any disease. So, in addition to focusing on food and water, I also recommend improving indoor air quality.

Enter the AirDoctor as the best air purification system. To read more about how it reduces indoor air pollution and can help you decrease your toxic load, check out this blog post from AirDoctor.

Why Use an AirDoctor?

1. It makes sure that you’re breathing good quality indoor air. This is the main driving point to focus on.

2. It tells you when the AirDoctor picks up toxins by turning an indicator light a different color (red is high; orange is medium; blue is clear). It will start pumping out more air (still isn’t loud) when it picks up toxins and the indicator becomes red (ex: burning something in the kitchen sets mine off). This can also help you understand what toxic personal care (ex: fragrances in candles or air fresheners) or cleaning products you might use and bring more attention to decreasing these products’ presence in your home to improve your indoor air quality.

3. It can decrease your health symptoms (ex: respiratory symptoms) from potential air pollutants by cleaning the air

How Much Does AirDoctor Cost?

The way affiliate deals work is that you get a discount (in this case a high one) and I get credit and a commission based on your purchase. New discounts in 2023 are on ALL MODELS! Deals are only honored if you use an affiliate link to shop. So if you want to save up to $300 when the air purifiers  aren’t even on sale, then purchasing through my affiliate link is a great way to buy with a great discount. (Using my affiliate link will show steeper discounts than if you just typed in

Even during special seasonal sales, using an affiliate link will always get you the best discount (always bigger than what’s on their regular website). It’s a win-win here!

Community Testimonials:

It’s not just me that approves of AirDoctor. So do you! Just so you can hear it from some members of the Eats 2 Know (E2K) community, check out some testimonials below:  

“I loved my AirDoctor 3000 so much that I purchased a second. I was shocked when I recently replaced my filter, as to what I was actually breathing in, before I had one! Also, I have been on a vocal chord healing journey, and the AirDoctor has provided me relief from/prevented any allergies or other respiratory triggers. So not only has the AirDoctor helped with my air quality, but my quality of life too. Highly recommend it!” -Alethea

“My partner and I just moved into a house. The previous owners had a dog. We have cleaned pretty meticulously, including as much of the heater vents we could get into. It’s been 1 month now, and I’ve felt a little wheezy lately (I do have asthma). I decided I should check our air doctor filter, since I’m moving it out of our bedroom and replacing it with a smaller one. We have no pets, and our filter is filled with pet fur!!!!!” – Caitlin

“My experience with the AirDoctor has been a great one. If I could describe it in a word I think it would be “healing.” I feel like it has healed my anxiety about the air I’m breathing. I’ve been also super worried about my cat’s health and it puts me at ease knowing that the AirDoctor is there to help. I trust the product and I do think it does what it says it does. It’s so weirdly satisfying to clean the filter once a month and see what it has collected. I also feel like it has taught me a lot about what we are putting into the air. It’s always so interesting when it reacts to certain sprays. I feel like it’s trying to teach me something and I appreciate that. I feel good knowing I did something good for our home because I know we definitely don’t always put good things into the air. I love it so much I put it on our wedding registry!” – Amy

Something To Know Upfront:

You will refill your carbon (black charcoal) filters every 6 months and your UltraHEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter once a year. I like buying my filter packs for the year (you can buy 2 carbon, and 1 UltraHEPA in a pack at a discounted price). The best deals on these comes by keeping an eye out on the sales given when you subscribe to AirDoctor’s email list. I’ve seen discounts for 10-15% off.

AirDoctor Ease of Use

Very easy! Everything is very straightforward and easy to use. I never used the instructions (you don’t have to be like me!) to set it up. The filters have arrows in them showing you how to put them in. All you do is make sure the plastic cover is off of the filters and then close the cover of the AirDoctor, press on (auto) and you’re good to go.

Random trick: I vacuum my carbon filters to get more life out of them.

Overall rating:

10/10 for ease and effectiveness…