About Dana

Nutritionist and Educator
Founder of The Cultural Shift Method
Based in MA

the nutritionist and educator behind Eats 2 Know, LLC! My nutrition philosophy has always been to keep it simple – nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can be attainable for you by you!

As a nutritionist who primarily works with firefighters, I’ve been exposed to complete transparency as to what people struggle with in regards to having a healthy and balanced diet. Some of the most common complaints I’ve heard revolve around the idea that eating healthy is too expensive, boring, or time consuming, and I’m here to disprove all of these. I’m all about going back to the basics and simplifying nutrition. The focus —

real food, real budget, real fast, made easy.

My philosophy: eat, move, love, and learn. It’s all a balancing act. Whether you’re a firefighter, college student, or working mom, etc., my goal is to help you find that balance through health and wellness. Debunking the myth that nutrition has to be complicated and expensive, I created The Cultural Shift Method – making nutrition, health and wellness, easy, individualized, and attainable for all.


B.A. Biology, Vassar College
M.S. Nutrition, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“I love how real you are and you actually care to engage with your community.”
“Thank you for promoting eating REAL food and having a positive mindset. With all of the negative advertising around food and exercise still present in the media, it’s so refreshing to see profiles like yours that promote a positive and healthy mindset when it comes to the foods we eat and why we work out”