Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I say it’s my favorite meal. Regardless of when you eat it — breakfast for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s important that it’s nutritionally balanced and filling so that it keeps you energized and satiated. 

Breakfast = break fast = you are breaking the fast after a specific time window of not eating. So this is relevant for those of you who might be participating in intermittent fasting as well. You want the first meal you turn to to be nutritionally and emotionally sound. 

Many typical breakfast foods are either loaded with extra added sugar (think sweet treats for breakfast, like a store bought muffin, which is essentially cake) or they aren’t so great as leftovers (think soggy mush), so instead of prepping breakfast ahead of time, my goal is to show you how you can make fresh and tasty meals in 10 minutes or less. 

When making a balanced and filling breakfast, follow this formula, then plug your favorite foods into it for a complete meal:

Note: nuts and seeds can fall into both the healthy fat and protein section

*Not a big fan of typical breakfast foods? You can still use this formula for other meals and eat them anytime! 

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I also like to mention that just because a food isn’t your typical breakfast, doesn’t mean it can’t fit here. You can eat whatever you want for breakfast and call it breakfast (even if it is a meal typically consumed for lunch or dinner). My suggestion is for you to follow the formula. 

*Extra challenge: aim for about 30g of protein at breakfast to keep you satiated and feeling fuller until the next time you’re ready to eat! 

Some of my favorite breakfast options I’m eating right now:

A balanced and filling breakfast
Pictured: 2 eggs + 1 chicken sausage sauteed with shredded brussels sprouts, kale, and cabbage + Japanese sweet potato sauteed in garlic and ghee. All made in one large fry pan.
Pictured: plain Icelandic yogurt + almond butter + strawberries + homemade granola, cinnamon.
Pictured: fried egg, avocado, einkorn sourdough toast, maple chicken breakfast sausage, cottage cheese, and jam.
Pictured: grain free pancakes (simple mills), avocado, plain full fat yogurt, maple syrup, and sea salt.
Pictured: fried eggs, microgreens, apple chicken sausage, and pan fried plantains.

What are you currently eating for breakfast? Share in the comments so we can gain some inspiration.

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