I always come back to the idea that we are never alone. In our struggles. In our thoughts. In our experiences. So, while we might be quick to think we are unique, something I continuously see as I get older is that we all have more commonalities than we might originally think. 

We are more alike than we are different. This is true in health and wellness in addition to life as a whole.

Which leaves me explaining some of the most common struggles I’m seeing clients have (both fire department and individual 1:1 nutrition coaching clients) again and again. Perhaps you have also had some experience with these struggles. Exploring these themes allows me to give you knowledge, which is power in itself. Take what you want from this blog post, whether it’s nutrition education or the potential help that you can get by working with me. 

5 Common Wellness Themes I See

1. We are all inflamed. Chronic inflammation is a constant state – your body has an accumulation of inflammation, which can, in turn, cause disease. This is not good, especially since inflammation is the root cause of nearly all disease or chronic health issues. Sugar, food sensitivities, refined carbohydrates and alcohol are the biggest culprits for most of the health conditions that we face. 

2. Gut health is underestimated and misunderstood. If there’s anything you need to know it’s that promoting gut health promotes optimal health (that’s a win!). Most people think that taking a probiotic they see in an ad on social media can cure all. Spoiler alert: supplements can be bandaids too. You’ve gotta get down to the why/root cause to understand why your gut is out of whack and how you can fix it. 

3. Diet culture is (still) ruining us. Confusion about nutrition and messaging regarding what is “good” or “bad” and what we should or shouldn’t eat is still messing with us. While I want to say we’ve come a long way since slim thins and low-fat everything, I understand it’s still ingrained in many of our minds in a negative way. It still creates stress (Hey cortisol.) when you look at that food that you’ve decided to restrict (for the rest of your life?). Unlearning these ways is a necessity for an enjoyable long term healthy lifestyle. 

4. Sometimes there’s guilt involved in wanting to lose weight. I’m noticing that many women who work with me have goals related to health and are quieter about their weight loss goals. For most, weight loss is a goal, but it’s not their original intention or goal for working with me. There’s a sense of embarrassment related to weight loss, which in turn makes it harder to get to a weight loss goal. If you have a feasible and realistic weight loss (and health) goal, then it’s okay to desire it in a healthy way. That starts with being honest with yourself. In order to achieve a goal, we have to get comfortable talking about what we want to achieve and by taking in the process like a unique science experiment that is individualized to just you, because it is. 

5. The basics aren’t being achieved. The overall equation to health and wellness involves physical and mental health and well-being. Nutrition is a huge pillar, but it is not everything. Mindset is another that is wildly underrated. Taking a holistic approach to address multiple factors from different angles can help you figure out how to achieve the basics in all of their glory. 

Consistency is Key.

In all of the hours I’ve studied plus my experience, the biggest outlook I’ve had is to keep it simple, take small steps (because they add up), and to know that it is possible to heal. CONSISTENCY deserves to be in caps – if you can’t continue a certain behavior, it cannot become a lifestyle change (it will be short term and called a quick fix). 


Interested in learning more in detail (without spending hours on Google or social media trying to figure out what’s truthful and what’s not)? I only scratched the surface (so much to say)! I’m inviting you to grab a workshop!  By the end of it, you’ll feel confident and have the tools to trust yourself to be the compass of your own health and decisions. You’ll learn more about inflammation, promoting gut health, and a holistic approach to wellness by purchasing a Wellness Foundation before they retire.  In addition to free content, I created these services out of realizing there was a need for them. They are here for now, but they won’t always be. This is my kind nudge to say, if you want them they are here; and if you don’t then that’s cool too! I’m inviting you to participate in either of these options by the end of 2023.