The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the home that impacts your health. In the kitchen you’re in control of how you prepare food and what gets included (ingredients), so you truly know what’s in your food.  

My suggestion for setting yourself up for success is to create a no-stress game plan for preparing healthy meals. Aim to make these meals have maximum nutrient density with a focus on incorporating fresh herbs and spices (bonus points for ones that are anti-inflammatory). If you are prepping for a family, the firehouse, or even just yourself, and you want to be able to easily switch it up with some simple ingredient swaps that alter the nutrition, taste, or dietary preferences then flexibility is key. 

Your health starts in the kitchen with what you make and eat. Eating for health and enjoyment means no boring meals and lots of flexibility (so you don’t get sick of eating the same thing on repeat). Find the quickest steps to being more flexible in the kitchen below: 

4 Ways to incorporate flexibility for a healthier kitchen:

  1. Include healthy swaps and alternatives
  2. Start with basics: simple flavors that can be adjusted, from protein options to vegetables
  3. Bring the flavor: make your own sauce with fresh herbs for flavor
  4. Make nutrition individualized: create flexible meals that allow for versatile flavors and nutrients based on personal preferences  

I like to use flexible formulas, like the one used in the Balanced Breakfast Basics blog post. This takes the guesswork out of what makes a nutrient dense and filling meal, and you can simply plug your favorite foods into the formula to create a complete meal. Formulas make incorporating flexibility for a healthier kitchen so easy.

Things to keep in mind when considering positive nutrition changes in the kitchen:

  • Understand that small steps add up. 
  • Allow for trial and error. 
  • Consistency is key.

Check out some of the meals below that follow flexible formulas I’ve created for a filling salad, a bowl, smoothie, breakfast, and more. 

Want more help creating flexible food options?

This is a resource that brings my 1:1 nutrition work and nutrition programs for firefighters into one spot (for a fraction of the cost). It’s not a cookbook or a strict regimented diet, and it’s not a meal plan; it is a resource (consisting of guidebook and recipes) that gives power to the consumer with a no stress or fuss approach. Flexible formulas are included throughout the recipe section so that you can create real food on your own terms, budget, and time. 

The goal: Make eating healthier less complicated and personally tailored to you and only you. By the end of it, you’ll trust yourself to be the compass of your own health and decisions, become a budget savvy shopper without effort, and create satisfying and healthy meals with ease. 

Who needs it? If you’re interested in saving money on groceries, being informed about the food you eat, and making amazing food in little time, then you need Flexible Food.