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the nutritionist and educator behind Eats 2 Know, LLC. With a simplified approach to nutrition, I showcase that eating healthy is attainable, even if you’re on a budget or crunched for time. My philosophy: eat, move, love, and learn. It’s all a balancing act. Whether you’re a firefighter, college student, or working mom, etc., my goal is to help you find that balance through health and wellness. Debunking the myth that nutrition has to be complicated and expensive, I created Cultural Shift Method – making nutrition, health and wellness, easy, individualized, and attainable for all.
Nutrition Educator, Dana Harrison, working in firefighter health.
“I’ve always enjoyed that by example you make eating healthy an obtainable lifestyle not an obsession.”
“Thank you for promoting eating REAL food and having a positive mindset. With all of the negative advertising around food and exercise still present in the media, it’s so refreshing to see profiles like yours that promote a positive and healthy mindset when it comes to the foods we eat and why we work out”
“I’ve been so inspired by everything you’re doing on Instagram! You’ve been one of the very few who is so easy to watch / listen to and spends a lot of time curating content based on serving your following.”
“I love how real you are and you actually care to engage with your community.”

What to expect when working with me:

1. An approachable game plan. Nutrition is a complicated topic to discuss. Everyone has an opinion on how, what, and why they choose to eat something. Instead of focusing on providing one-sided nutrition advice (ex: “you should eat X, Y, and Z”  — although it might work for some, it usually isn’t effective for most). I take this into consideration when working with you on a program that’s inclusive and realistic for you. My strategy is to work with you to make nutrition changes easy so you can live your best and happiest life. 2. A healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Make positive changes that stick on your own terms. Through setting realistic goals and feasible changes, in addition to working on a positive mindset and creating a healthy relationship with food, a healthy lifestyle can be attainable by you for you. 3. Individualized nutrition. We’ll work on defining your own version of healthy because one size doesn’t fit all. The focus is consistency here: find what works for you, and continue to do it.